• Instructors

    The instructors are Per Christian Brodschöll from mid-July to mid-August) and Filip Gustavsen (from end of June to mid-July). Per Christian is a local Lista surfer, and has been out on the ocean in all kinds of weather since the 1980s. Filip is a semi-local (Kristiansand), and is also pretty keen. He has been all around the globe surfing, and when is not in the waves at Lista, he is working at Aquarama.


    You want to get in touch?

    Per Christian: 954 555 44

    Filip: 944 35 220

Try surfing at Lista! You will learn everything you need to ride a wave and then what to do once you are addicted to surfing!

Location: Haviksanden, see map below. Meet at parking place.

Duration: 3 hours.

Time: Like the FB-page of Lista Aktiv here and get notification when there are waves and there is a surfing-course. Courses will be announced at least before 12 the day in advance. Courses are arranged between 17 til 20.

Participants: Everybody who likes surfing can swim and is over 9 years old. We can have between 3 and 7 participants. Bring a towel, shorts or swimsuit, some snack and something to drink.

Price: 600 kr.

Included in price: Instruction, surfboard and wetsuit.

Booking:  Email per@listasurfing.no. It is important that you give us your height (with respect to wetsuits)